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Show your financial company’s
good side to consumers.

You’d be surprised how few banks, or even credit unions, follow that common sense marketing advice. Instead, they continue to do the same old product ads financial institutions do until it’s nearly impossible to tell them apart.

Don’t believe us? Watch the research video below asking college educated people to remember any financial campaigns they’ve seen. As a marketer, it should scare you. Especially when 80% of consumers say that they pick brands they believe will make a positive difference in people’s lives.

“Working with Preston Spire, U.S. Bancorp Piper Jaffray went from 12th place to 3rd place in the annual branding awareness studies we subscribed to. And that’s against much larger and better funded competitors. More importantly our Guides for the Journey campaign aligned our organization for over a decade, branding and differentiating our client approach.”

– Chad Kelly
Chief Marketing Officer, U.S. Bancorp Piper Jaffray

RSM McGladrey target brand awareness grew

Our team’s financial services experience

  • Wings Financial Credit Union
  • Western National Insurance
  • Ameriprise Financial
  • Stoneberry
  • Daily Pay
  • Ready Credit
  • Bremer Bank
  • Baker Tilly
  • Piper Jaffray
  • Wipfli
  • United Banks

  • US Bank
  • Wells Fargo
  • Venture Bank
  • First Interstate Bank
  • Commerce Bank
  • Fifth Third Bank
  • PNC
  • Farmers State Bank
  • TopLine Credit Union
  • My Credit Union (RBCU)

  • Wakota Federal Credit Union
  • Toro Federal Credit Union
  • Edward Jones
  • A.G. Edwards
  • Wachovia Securities
  • Lincoln Financial
  • Etrade
  • State Street Global Advisors
  • Community Banks of Colorado
  • NBH Banks

“Bremer Bank is a unique organization. Preston Spire made the effort to deeply know us in every market we are in. They’ve made our work feel very different from other banks, and that’s authentic because we actually are different.”

– Scott Reinhard
VP Marketing Communications Manager, Bremer Bank

Good Wins

Why would you consider Preston Spire? Well, we do everything a modern marketing company does, from brand strategy to content development, to analytics and optimization. But unlike other agencies, our work is guided by a simple belief: Good Wins.

Modern finance and banking brands must create work that is welcome in people’s lives. Respects a consumer’s time and intelligence. And is built upon an overt and motivating purpose-driven foundation.

Why? 80% of consumers say they’d be more likely to purchase from an organization that shows it makes a positive difference in people’s lives. Good brands succeed to the tune of 9x share of wallet. And consumers say the trustworthiness of a brand is 2x more important than cost while making purchase decisions. That’s winning in anybody’s book.

Wings Financial deposit growth in year one

Preston Spire developed our own, first-of-its-kind national study.

The Good Brands Index — comprised of 1000 national survey participants — helps financial companies and brands understand just how consumers define a “good brand,” how they judge one brand versus another and what matters most when making financial decisions. It evaluates the power emotional attributes play in decision-making relative to more traditional and practical attributes like rates and products.

Preston Spire was tasked with helping the 10th-largest credit union in the country find places to grow in a highly competitive market where advertising spend was at an all-time high. A category where to breakthrough you need not only a successful communication plan, but an effective and hardworking business plan that’s rooted in actual consumer insights and motivations.

See what our Good Brands Index study found

Brand Familiarity
Piper Jaffray

Let’s partner for good

Willing to invest an hour to see how a Good Wins strategy might elevate your brand?

The hour and conversation are on us.

Jennifer Spire

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“The ‘Small is powerful’ campaign was such a defining moment for Venture Bank and for me personally. It gave us a platform to leverage our local strengths during the big bank crisis, and excel in a tough market. During the Great Recession we actually experienced growth while banks across the nation faltered and cut back.”

– Mike Zenk
CEO Venture Bank