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UCare had the perfect metaphor for social distancing

Agency News | May 1, 2020 | 1 min read

Sometimes being a “people powered” company means parking your five-person tandem bike and taking care of customers on the phone or online.

That was what we wanted to demonstrate with UCare’s “We’re here for you” :30 TV spot. “We’d already shot the footage of the empty UCare bike 18-months ago as a brief scene in our initial launch campaign” according to Preston Kelly Creative Director, Melissa Tresidder. “But repurposing and expanding it to let members know that although we aren’t sitting together, we still had their backs felt like a perfect message for today. Most healthcare clients wouldn’t be willing to be this spontaneous and proactive even when something is so right for the market. We are fortunate to have earned their trust with the “People powered” messaging.”

Here’s a link to the work and the full story in the Minneapolis Egotist:
UCare Assures Members “We’re Here for you” During Social Distancing