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Ameriprise had long been seen as the financial advising behemoth, but regulatory changes and evolving client expectations posed a challenge to their stalwart advisors. The future of advisory was a mindshift change and not just another new thing. Many advisors were eager to learn how Ameriprise would futureproof their advisory practices and intuitively understood how to adapt conversations with their clients. Others needed a little coaxing. We created a four-phase internal communications strategy focused on changing advisor behavior to drive adoption and advocacy – all for the ultimate goal of driving higher AUM within managed accounts. The campaign marked the beginning of a fruitful 6-year-old partnership between Preston Spire and Ameriprise.

We’re the health plan figure-outers,rnDe-Mystifiers,rnAnd de-complicators.rnWe’re for the small towns,rnUptowns, Downtowns, rnAnd out of townsrnrnWe are UCare.