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Elkay ezH2O

The case for advocacy vs. advertising

You might think helping Elkay sell 1.5 million ezH2O water bottle filling stations would make us proud. And you’d be right. But we’re just as proud of keeping 40 billion plastic bottles out of landfills and waterways. When Elkay, the number-one sink manufacturer in the U.S., hired us, the first thing we did was to reimagine the ezH2O brand identity and build a new Good Wins strategy. In an ingenious move, Elkay had put a “digital counter” on every unit showing a running tally of how many plastic bottles users were keeping out of landfills. Research showed that consumers loved this technology, and that facilities managers at airports, schools, parks, libraries, rec centers, and other public buildings were susceptible to the right kind of consumer pressure. We embraced an eco-friendly stance based on a radical kind of Good Wins purpose:

Help people make smarter decisions about drinking water and motivate them to advocate change.

40 billion

plastic bottles eliminated

Over 1.5 million units sold in the first 3 years

Achieved an average 10% conversion rate across all SEM and remarketing campaigns