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What “Good Wins” Means To Us

Good Thinking | August 30, 2023 | 1 min read

In an endless sea of online noise and negative chatter, our mission at Preston Spire is to bring creative experiences into the world that make people feel good — ads that don’t feel like an intrusion on people’s lives, but something that’s welcome and memorable. 

That’s where our Good Wins mission and mantra was born from: a desire to see the good in advertising, and to always lead with positivity and purpose. Our Good Wins values are applied across everything we do, from the talented people that we hire to the work we create for our clients.

We asked a few Preston Spire team members to share some of their reflections on what Good Wins means to them, and how it guides the work they do.

Scott Dahlgren, Media Director

“The Good Wins philosophy guides the work of all disciplines within Preston Spire. When it comes to media planning, we are always conscious of where our clients’ messages appear. For instance, media placements need to connect with their brand values and amplify messaging in a positive way. As one example, it can be demonstrated in our digital targeting where we ensure the content is brand-safe. I’ve been at Preston Spire for 24 years and this positioning has always been part of the agency, driving our work and process. We have simply encapsulated it into two words: Good Wins.”

Baher Eid, Account Supervisor

“Good Wins, if I could put it simply, means partnering with clients to create positive change in people’s lives. Earning that role means leading, crafting, and constantly refining all of the brand’s assets and actions towards that role in everything they do. Impacting the business, lives, and culture on a broader level. Applying the Good Wins approach to the work through truth-hunting yields deep human insight, identifies opportunity, and unlocks impactful ideas and outcomes for clients.”

Kari Johnson, Senior Project Manager

“Good Wins is the ethos for all we do—will this make change, make an impact, make a feeling— both for our clients, and internally with each other. Good creative, good experiences, good meetings, good feelings. As a project manager, I make sure to think twice because I believe we can create better “good” for our clients if we’re creating “good” with and for each other first. This means asking questions before assuming, reviewing workload before assigning more, and always choosing kindness.”

Aylâ Larsen, Senior Copywriter

“As a creative, I try to make things that aren’t boring, cliché, or part of the noise. People mute, ignore, or are annoyed by 99 percent of advertising. That means it’s bad. And bad loses. Bad spurs apathy. And apathy is the opposite of advertising’s purpose. If they don’t care, you’ve lost. Good Wins means making something of quality that stands out from the clutter and evokes an emotion in our audience. Good Wins means making ads that give you a positive experience that’s remembered, talked about, and incites action. It’s like your brain and heart give it a little thumbs up. If I can get someone to pay attention, click, or simply not ignore my creative work, that means the work was good. And Good Wins.”