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Second Harvest Heartland

Give one hungry 3rd grader a plate filled with food, and one an empty plate. Then walk away. What will happen? That’s the question our experiment answered as we filmed the result for Second Harvest Heartland’s 2021 hunger awareness campaign. We invited twelve kids to a studio, fed only six of them, and then left them alone. Our hope was that the “haves” with the full plates would share with the kids without. And, thank goodness, our belief in human nature was justified. In less than 2 minutes, without exception, the kids shared with one another. They knew what to do. Knew what was fair. And did the right thing. We believe this simple metaphor will be an inspiring example for the rest of us to help the 500,000 Minnesotans currently facing food insecurity. The kids figured it out. So can we.

The campaign also features radio spots, outdoor boards, and a landing page peppered with questions about Minnesota hunger, enriched with kid-vids talking about what they learned about hunger during the experiment.


SHH - OOH - D Kid

SHH - OOH - Apple Kids

SHH - OOH - Grape Kids