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The case for fending off a 300-pound gorilla with love

The world-famous Mayo Clinic had been acquiring and rebranding local clinics and a hospital in Gundersen Health’s Wisconsin service area. Mayo’s aggressive incursion, dominant reputation and increased marketing efforts led to slipping awareness and preference scores for Gundersen. Patient numbers soon followed. Preston Spire’s Good Brands Index(sm) showed that while Mayo Clinic was seen as medically excellent and research-driven, Gundersen Health was recognized for an exceptional level of personalized care. Its archives were filled with stories of above-and-beyond efforts, lauded in letters and emails from grateful patients and families. Research suggested that patients often forge lifelong hospital connections during a “moment in life” event. Patients and their families literally loved Gundersen for these pivotal interactions.


awareness increase

Gundersen preference scores rose 7% while Mayo scores dropped 16%

First Recognition of Excellence by Gundersen board in 20 years