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NoDoz was the generic category description for caffeine alertness aids but, through corporate neglect, had nearly disappeared from store shelves. Lil’ Drug Stores purchased the brand and tasked us with relaunching it. For NoDoz we didn’t so much find an enemy as we did an insatiable but unmet desire for more fulfillment thru side hustles, passion projects, and hobbies. An unmet desire to “do more, on less.”

People are amazing. People are funny. People can do more than even they think they can. Starting with social media only, we had to earn our ROI weekly, distributor by distributor, sale by sale, growing the business and the brand at the same time. Our Good Brands Indexsm suggested that as a nothing-added, caffeine only alertness aid, NoDoz could be a secret weapon to help people conquer their worlds. We tapped this insight and went to work, educating, entertaining and generally making NoDoz an unignorable wake up call.

120% business growth.

33% rise in coupon print rates.

20% growth at major retailers.