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Putting a kind face on a faceless industry

Once a distant 4th in the Minnesota health plan market, UCare was facing new competition from national giants UnitedHealthcare and Humana. Our Good Brands Index showed there was no true good brand in the market. In fact, it was impossible for most consumers to differentiate brands in the category at all. This was an opportunity for UCare since 76% of consumers rated “goodness” as the top criterion for the healthcare brand they’d choose. But we had to give them a position not just as caring people, but as actual advocates for consumer health.


new members recruited with an ROI close to 10:1

We’re the health plan figure-outers,
And de-complicators.
We’re for the small towns,
Uptowns, Downtowns,
And out of towns

We are UCare.


Medicare Advantage plan in MN


organic search traffic increase, reflecting an increase in brand name recognition