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A distant fourth in the Minnesota Medicare market, UCare was facing new competition from national giants UnitedHealthcare and Humana. Our Good Brands Index℠ showed it was impossible for most consumers to differentiate brands in the category. Faceless, corporate and cold became UCare’s mortal enemy.

76% of consumers rated “goodness” as the top criterion for the healthcare brand they’d choose. But we had to give UCare a position not just as caring people, but as actual advocates for consumer health. Teamwork, hustle, and giving a damn about their members, were all unique UCare traits. A grassroots advantage we highlighted by sending the team out to the market on a five-person tandem bicycle.

We’re the health plan figure-outers,
And de-complicators.
We’re for the small towns,
Uptowns, Downtowns,
And out of towns

We are UCare.

36,000 new members recruited in year one with a 10:1 ROI.

10% overall membership growth across plans.

Jumped from #4 to #1 Medicare Advantage plan.

#1 Individual & Family plan on MN healthcare exchange.

1,200% increase in online shopping sessions.