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Wings Financial Credit Union

Our Good Brands Index suggested millennials had a bad case of FOMO. Specifically the missed financial opportunities of Boomer home ownership, investment, and the extras that make life worth living. But banks were seen as a necessary evil. 

Even as one of the fastest-growing financial institutions in the nation, Wings Financial was still known by most consumers as the credit union of pilots and airline employees left over from its origins. Our Good Brands Index℠  showed  that Wings was known for great rates and nice people, but not perceived as sophisticated or convenient as the big banks. We had to help people reconsider Wings not just as a financial organization anyone could become a member of, but to think of it as a powerful seamless resource to support the opportunities in life that matter. Become a member of opportunity became a rally cry for employees and members both.

Exceeded new memberships goal by 19%.

Exceeded deposit growth goal by 85%.

Exceeded loan production goal by 32%.

Campaign delivered 84M impressions, 119% of goal.

Exceeded new visitors to website goal by 22%.