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Preston Spire’s New “MNter Candles” Smell So Bad, they Do Good for Mental Health

Agency News | February 22, 2023 | 2 min read

MINNEAPOLIS—February 22, 2023Preston Spire, the Minneapolis independently-owned “Good Wins” agency, has introduced a new line of candles via a social media campaign to bring both a smile and a serious message around mental health and Seasonal Affective Disorder. The tongue-in-cheek line of designer “MNter candles” whiff of distinctly Minnesota winter scents like “Hockey Bag in a Trunk” and “2 Men Eating Chili in an Ice House.” 

Recently launched on social media, the creative execution reveals six amusing candle varieties and calls on people to visit to view the full line of scents—and a call to action to the National Institute of Mental Health’s website.

“MNter Candles are designed to put a smile on our long-suffering faces during the winter months, plus draw attention to the National Institute of Mental Health and provide learning on the real suffering caused by Seasonal Affective Disorder,” says Charlie Tournat, the Preston Spire creative director on the project. “These candles are a fun and effective way to draw attention to the real issues Minnesotans — and people across the country —are facing during the winter and help them get the treatment they need.” 

The MNter Candles campaign continues Preston Spire’s work to address mental health and normalize conversations around seeking help for mental health disorders. The agency previously created and extended its Make it OK campaign, turning it into a global program to reduce the stigma surrounding mental illness. Meanwhile, Preston Spire has partnered with Mayo Clinic on a full spectrum of educational online mental health videos.

The Scent of a Winter

Preston Spire’s MNter Candle set includes:

  • 2 Men Eating Chili in an Ice House
  • Hockey Bag in a Trunk
  • Walley Slimed Tackle Box
  • Soggy Car Mat Schmeared with Salt Paste
  • Dirty Snow Mixed with Gravel and Dog Pee
  • Snow Blower Exhaust on a Sweaty Stocking Cap

“We are taking a different approach to a serious issue,” says Brett Essman, co-creator of the candles. “But if we can put a smile on somebody’s face, and help people at the same time, that is what our agency mantra of ‘Good Wins’ is all about.”