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NoDoz® ready to energize brand image: Lil’ Drug Store® names Preston Kelly Agency of Record

Agency News | May 23, 2018 | 2 min read

MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota (May 9, 2018) – A well-known consumer brand is bouncing back, thanks to a new agency of record and newly launched campaign. Preston Kelly was named Agency of Record for Lil’ Drug Store Product’s NoDoz® Alertness Aid brand following an extensive competitive review. Some may remember NoDoz as the little white pill with 200 mg of caffeine, used as a safe and effective way to help restore mental alertness and wakefulness. Launched over 50 years ago, the NoDoz brand is an original pioneer of the $43 million Alertness Aid category.

“We’re excited to have Preston Kelly helping us revitalize the NoDoz brand,” said Doug Marquardt, Director, Marketing. “We chose Preston Kelly because of its passion for our business and willingness to go above and beyond, as well as its strong digital and social media experience to help us best connect with the next generation of NoDoz customers.”

Although energy drinks and shots are widely distributed, NoDoz offers many advantages to those who need an extra boost to get through the day. NoDoz users like the convenience and effectiveness of caffeine pills as well as its simple ingredients. Preston Kelly will be providing NoDoz brand and digital strategy, creative and production for digital and social campaigns, promotions, and web design.

“A whole generation of people don’t know what NoDoz is, yet sugary and high-priced energy drinks dominate the market,” said Melissa Tressider, Creative Director, Preston Kelly. “Our goal is to let people with a variety of needs know that NoDoz is 200 mg of what you need to power your day, all without the bad stuff and for much less cost.”

The overhauled website (, launched on May 9, is giving people a streamlined user experience and more reason to explore what NoDoz has to offer. It also provides a gateway into the social conversation, and highlights the surprising comparisons between NoDoz and other energy-enhancing products. Social ads on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube tap into the various lifestyles of people who work out, play sports, go to concerts, and need a productivity boost.

“It’s the perfect time for NoDoz to be revitalized and inserted into today’s healthful marketplace,” said Jennifer Spire, President, Preston Kelly. “We’re excited to help Lil’ Drug Store Products grow the NoDoz brand back to being a category leader.”

About Lil’ Drug Store Products

Lil’ Drug Store Products is the #1 supplier of health and beauty care products to the convenience store channel. They offer a complete assortment of remedies to help people live happier, healthier lives. You can find Lil’ Drug Store Products in over 100,000 convenience stores across the United States. Lil’ Drug Store Products is always looking for new and innovative ways to meet the changing needs of convenience store shoppers. For more on LDSP’s acquisition and enhanced distribution of NoDoz, read the release.