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Super Bowl Ad Feedback: Agency Creatives Grade On A COVID Curve

Agency News | February 9, 2021 | 3 min read

This article originally appeared on Shoot Online

Continuing its annual tradition, SHOOT — the renowned ad industry publication — sounded out creative artisans whose agencies did not have any commercials on this year’s Super Bowl so as to get unvarnished, apolitical takes on the advertising.

Melissa Tresidder, creative director at Preston Spire, shared, “I’ve never watched as much football as I did this year. I hung on to every game I could, craving one of the few ‘close to normal’ experiences we had. As the season wound down, talk of advertising being flat, Super Bowl slots not selling, big brands opting out, the general challenges of shooting in COVID times made me wonder what we would get from this year’s commercials. Funny? Heartfelt? ‘We’re here for you?’ Clients have been walking a tightrope of how to speak to consumers this year, rightfully so.

“I was happy to see nicely crafted storytelling. Humor. Nostalgia. Human connection. And celebrities with apparently nothing else to do.”

A few of Tresidder’s favorites were:

Jeep: “I wasn’t sure I wanted to watch a spot that addresses the politics of the moment. But this felt poignant, hopeful and honest. The line ‘the very soil we stand on is common ground’ is pretty damn nice.”

Tide: The visual gag of Jason Alexander’s face was fantastic. The ending was a slight letdown, but The Greatest American Hero theme made up for it.”

M&M’s: “Well-written (the double Karen!), acted and directed. The pace of the edit pulled it all together.”

Toyota: “The decision to tell that story in such a striking visual way, almost like it was inspired by a stage production, made the spot for me. Incredibly crafted and emotional.”

Indeed: “Simple idea, powerful song, perfect casting choices.”

Bud Light Legends: “I had forgotten about a few of those guys (Dr. Galazkiewicz? Yes I am) so it was a nice reminder of how good some of the Bud Light campaigns have been. Also, I thought that this spot outshined most of the celebrity spots, which is funny since it was all about Bud Light celebrities. I’ll always have a soft spot for the Real Men of Genius singer.”

GM: “Maybe it’s because I like all of the actors but it was the one of the few celeb-driven concepts that broke through. Will Ferrell is perfect for this role, especially when he stops the frenzy to comment on how adorable “Norway” is. That GM used humor to convey what’s a pretty big deal for them was ballsy, considering how easy it would have been to do pretty visuals with a stirring VO.

“Overall I thought it was a good showing. We got much needed humor and even downright goofiness, plus some honestly moving ads and a few fresh brands. Clients and agencies were able to trust each other in a who-knows-what-the-hell-is-going-to-happen year and produce work that made us feel, for one night, a little bit closer to normal.

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