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Wings Financial: “Members of Opportunity”

Agency News | February 5, 2021 | 1 min read

Preston Kelly and Wings Financial, one of the nation’s largest credit unions, have dubbed Wings’ credit union members “members of opportunity” in a new ad campaign aimed at encouraging members to uncover financial opportunities of all kinds. The spots were directed by 1stAveMachine’s Danielle Katvan and capture the benefits of applying for the brand’s financial services and programs through quirky voiceovers and bold compositions.

“Ramen Noodles” chronicles a woman’s transition from instant ramen noodle meals at home with her cat to out-on-the-town dinner dates at an actual ramen restaurant, thanks to Wings Member Rewards program. “Tiny Outdated Kitchen” highlights the ease of the online mortgage process, resulting in a new house (and open kitchen with drawers that actually open). A third spot rolls several “members of opportunity” into one, adorably featuring a dog’s gum-flapping new car ride.

From Melissa Tresidder, Creative Director at Preston Kelly:

“Producing campaigns during a pandemic presents a different set of challenges than normal. You definitely miss the collaboration and energy of being on a set (not to mention craft service). We prepared as much as we could beforehand, testing technology and making sure we all had a way to communicate. Because production, agency and client were onscreen at the same time, input and decision making was pretty efficient. I’m extremely proud of the work our team accomplished, maybe even more so because we had to adapt to ever-changing scenarios.”