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Experience Design

We are obsessed with creating experiences that are welcome in people’s lives. Designed to be useful and highly engaging, the experiences we create must move brands and businesses forward. This includes websites, apps, digital tools, platforms, even games, as well as live, connected experiences that blend digital, physical and traditional media.

We don’t believe in formulaic answers. Our experience design process is customized to your needs and may involve rapid prototyping, workshops and iterative development. We build empathy by observing users firsthand, conducting contextual inquiries, interviews and workshops. As a result, every step of the design process is informed by user insights and analytics, carefully aligning their needs with best practices. Good design is a competitive advantage. This is why every decision and detail is painstakingly crafted, tested and continuously optimized. Beyond meeting user needs and business objectives, our brand experiences elicit a positive emotional connection.

Experience audits

Prototyping and testing

User research and persona development

UX/UI design

Usability assessments

A/B Testing

Web, mobile and physical experiences

Production and QA