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Media Planning
and Buying

People pay attention to good things, which is why they spend time with media and content that entertains, informs and inspires. Our clients don’t get in the way of that entertainment; rather, they add value and solutions. After all, when you crash the party, it’s nice to show up with a side dish or a good bottle of wine. Our media philosophy is about creating connections and experiences that are welcome in people’s lives. Quality trumps quantity every time, which plays out nicely in a world that requires an ROI.

At Preston Spire, we excel in both digital and traditional media with the resources, experience and agility to achieve our clients’ goals. We have the same tools and technology as the largest agencies to build vibrant personas, develop data-driven media strategies, streamline our media buys and measure performance, but our size allows us to be nimbler. We test, learn, analyze and strive to meet or exceed the ambitious benchmarks we set for ourselves and our clients. We have the means to understand the competitive landscape and help our clients define their position in the marketplace. We love data, but only when it’s actionable — we are skilled at drawing out meaningful observations and insights that make our good content and good context win.



Nielsen Scarborough

Kantar competitive

Traditional and digital capabilities:

Programmatic: display, mobile, video, native and audio

Social media: paid social display/video, influencer marketing

TV & video: broadcast, cable, pre-roll, CTV and OTT

Radio & audio: broadcast, streaming audio, podcasts

Print: newspapers, magazines and other printed materials

Direct marketing: direct mail and email

Out-of-home: outdoor, experiential

Search engine marketing (SEM)