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DailyPay, a financial services start-up that offers workers money from their actual paycheck as they earn it, needed to make a big splash in the Minneapolis-St. Paul market, encouraging cash-strapped hourly employees to take advantage of a little-known service already available to many of them. With no time to spare, Preston Spire developed a lightning-fast quick-turn campaign — read: less than two weeks — giving hourly workers and influencers free rides to and from the Minnesota State Fair. The campaign was a hit, with messaging spanning across email, social, radio and traditional PR while a top local radio personality rode about town in a DailyPay-wrapped limousine, livestreaming his exploits on Instagram.

State Fair-themed social assets spoke directly to hourly workers, quickly detailing our Labor Day rideshare program and driving employees to download the DailiyPay app.

Our on-the-fly persona research showed that organic and paid Instagram ads — from stories to posts to Reels — would be our best, most-efficient channel to quickly reach hourly workers in combination with mass-market radio sponsorships.

Our State Fair web experience paid off multi-channel messaging by driving users to download the Daily Pay app, allowing them to get their already-earned paycheck early while also giving them free rides to the fair.