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As a global leader in fishing tackle, Pure Fishing was a house of brands. Many of which were already household names with avid anglers. But sales and retail SKUs had been eroding with fewer new anglers entering the market. Our challenge was to take the anchors of its brand portfolio and work to rebuild enthusiasm, share and distribution gains in what was then a market shrinking by 5% annually. Our Good Brands Index℠ suggested that many of the Pure Fishing brands, like Berkley, Stren, and Abu Garcia, while still seen as high quality, were becoming decidedly less exciting and attractive to the local influencers in key fishing markets. We needed new products and new positions. Here is a quick creative and results overview from four of our Good Brand rebuilding efforts.


Good Brand research showed that, like other enthusiast sports, anglers’ top fishing experiences revolved around what they called “being in the zone.” These first-person POV print ads put anglers in this happy place. Then we paid off “The Berkley Zone” at retail with a display surrounding shoppers with the gear and experiences they love.

Outside, you’re cool as a PRO.
Inside, you’re squealing like a LITTLE KID.

Can a trout really make you feel this way? When you’re in the zone, the answer is yes. And nothing gives you the edge like Berkley line, bait, rods and accessories. So rig up, Reload the camera, And make room on the bait shop wall.

Who’d have guessed PURE ECSTASY would be so ugly?

To a walleye fisherman — cold, wet and scaly is a beautiful thing. And when you’re putting the fish of your dreams in your boat, nothing gives you the edge like Berkley line, bait, rods and accessories. So you’re right where you want to be — in the zone.


rise in sales of Berkley products at Bass Pro Shops during this campaign.

Gulp! and PowerBait

Berkley Gulp! and PowerBait, Pure Fishing’s new and revolutionary soft baits, outperformed live bait test after test. In Good Wins interviews, expert bass anglers told us they “think like a fish” and select their bait accordingly. “Be the fish” became the brand mantra, leading to top bass pros Mike Iaconelli and Skeet Reese literally becoming the fish they sought—our print and TV made standard “pro endorsements” entertaining while showing (not just telling) the effect this new bait had on bass.


What’s he thinking? Is he playing hard to get? Then you’ll like this, Mr. Bass.
Finesse fishing with Berkley Gulp! Its scent spreads like a blood trail — 400 times faster than plastic bait. Smell that? Give it a taste. It’s all natural.
Come to Skeet, baby. Push me up the leader board.

Gulp! Outfishes all other bait.


Get inside his head. Are you aggressive today, Mr. Bass? Cranky? Good.
This’ll make you crazy. A fluttering tail, kicking legs. You’re chasing a Berkley PowerBait. Hit hard and don’t let go. This power fisherman needs a full bag.
And Ike hates to dissapoint the crowd at weigh in.

PowerBait. Fish bite and won’t let go.

Campaign resulted in the most successful bait launch in Berkley history and helped accelerate distribution nationwide.

Abu Garcia

Abu Garcia had long been the gold standard in reels. But sometimes setting the hook for a sale first requires setting the stage. A Good Brand audit revealed enthusiasm bordering on fanaticism for people willing to spend more on Abu Garcia gear. This print campaign reminded fanatics of their priorities and helped increase web traffic nearly 145%.


rise in Abu Garcia retail sales, reversing three straight years of decline.


“Old reliable” is rarely a brand position you can bank on. But our Good Brand audit suggested that for a key emerging demographic, “your father’s line” was exactly what young anglers were seeking and what only Stren could stand for. Getting attention for this reliability, however, wasn’t easy. This bold point-of-purchase was the point of the wedge that inspired shoppers to take a second look at Stren, which, along with a new mass media campaign and retail presence, helped to slow a five-year sales decline.