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4 reasons the healthcare branding you’ve been ignoring should be your new priority.

Good Thinking | January 14, 2022 | 2 min read

You’ve been in crisis mode for two years, but another less medical crisis is looming. If it’s not already, your healthcare brand may soon be on life support. Here’s why it’s time to take a hard look at what your brand stands for and start some serious brand communications to right the ship.

1. Competition is coming.

Make no mistake, a new breed of healthcare competition is entering your market – retailers, tech giants, insurers, national chains and ambitious combinations of all of the above. Worse, research suggests that during a crisis, people are more inclined to try new solutions. Now is the time to strengthen your brand’s ties to your consumers. It’s time to deepen and expand existing patient relationships at every touchpoint and get the credit you deserve for adding consistent value to their lives. What’s in your arsenal to make them less tempted to shop around?

2. Crisis fatigue is eroding your customers’ trust.

A 2021 study by The Office of the Inspector General reported a significant erosion in reputations of healthcare organizations. People are losing confidence in their institutions and healthcare is not immune. Part of the issue is that consumers have been hearing nothing but crisis messaging from the media, and probably your communications team as well. COVID-19 updates. Overcrowding. Staffing shortages. Community indifference. Through no fault of your own, you’ve become a necessary evil rather than a force for good. It’s time to rebuild consumer confidence and remind your community of the love and trust you deserve.

3. It’s time to renew your mission.

Chances are, you and most of your staff are in healthcare to do good. How many industries can say that? In focus group after focus group with medical professionals, we hear inspiring stories. Consumers love to hear and tell these stories about the caregivers they trust. How is your team working to deliver better outcomes? Collaborating in new ways? Using breakthrough technologies to reduce pain and hospital stays? How do your best employee stories ladder up to your brand mission, vision, and values? Wearing your mission on your sleeve right now could do your communications a world of good.

4. Our community needs positive leadership.

You see article after article decrying a leadership vacuum in public healthcare. Many consumers are confused and mistrustful. A strong pro-humanity, pro-health message from a trusted organization like yours would be timely, positive, and memorable. Could you look for ways to focus and capture regional pride? Could you promote your role in that special something that makes your part of the country justifiably proud? It’s time to start a movement or advocate for a cause. Embrace your role as a beacon of hope. Pick something your teams will rally around and be inspired to achieve.