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Despite the potentially lifesaving treatment offered by Medtronic Implantable Cardiac Defibrillators (ICDs), cardiologists were seeing 20% of their patients resisting the therapy. Research showed heart patients wanted to know everything about ICDs, but weren’t comfortable asking their cardiologists the more awkward questions —
especially regarding sex.

Information hungry patients were turning to the internet. So, so did we. To alleviate fear and anxiety, patients needed a resource where they could get the answers to all their ICD questions, no matter how personal. The online experience had to be unbiased, unbranded and in layman’s terms. Ask the ICD became the first consumer facing Medtronic website in over a decade and it’s still going strong after six years.

25K+ site visits per month for over 5 years.

Among the top 5 websites in the world by Webby Awards.