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Just because a person is unbanked, or has had a bad run of financial luck, doesn’t mean that’s what they want to think about while shopping online for a gift or household item. We called out that “serious as a sour banker” attitude as Stoneberry’s enemy and united their customers behind a whole new approach.

While competitors were screaming about bad credit scores and low, low, financing, we helped Stoneberry refocus its brand on a moment of joyful anticipation. As Stoneberry customers put it – “I feel true joy when my package arrives at my doorstep!” The tagline “Open Up Joy’ not only became the central theme for a total brand identity overhaul for the Mason Company brand, it was ingrained into Stoneberry corporate culture. Under this new theme, brand guidelines, internal videos, catalogs and advertising, and even Stoneberry’s financing approach started to reflect a spirit of joy. With a logo seen by some as an opening box, and by others as a colorful pinwheel, Stoneberry’s new branding has captured hearts, as well as new customers.

2% increase in sales reversing a 2 year decline.

3 Graphis International Design Awards.

2 Muse by Clio International Design Awards.