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Weather Shield

The case for insights leading to courageous change.

Weather Shield was getting lost in the hyper competitive, big-player dominated middle-market window category and sales had been declining for years. The first thing we did was contemporize their brand identity and trade show booth. Together we made the difficult decision that an internally beloved logo icon had to go. Then with a series of truly innovative and contemporary designs on Weather Shield’s immediate horizon, our research showed that architects and high-end builders were the most influential audience we could efficiently reach on our limited budget. This significant business strategy shift was based on the courageous belief these audiences would have an outsized impact if we won them over. A statement from more than one architect paraphrasing Frank Lloyd Wright stuck with us, “I start with the view.” This insight led to the position “Start with the view. Bring the outside in.”

Campaign results
Year 2 sales rose
Profitability rose



Trade show booth traffic reached record