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How can nice guys (and gals) compete with mayhem?

Over the years insurance companies have been called a lot of things. “Nice,” isn’t usually one of them. But to our genuine surprise, that’s exactly what our Good Index stakeholder interviews showed consumers, independent agents and partners saying about the folks at Western National Insurance. Could “Nice” actually be a real, if slightly saccharine, business advantage in the cutthroat insurance industry? More importantly, could it help Western National Insurance stand out in the heavy-spending sea of insurance spokespeople and spokescritters? Now, in its second year, “The Power of Nice” campaign has not only led to a business-building buzz with independent agents across a multi-state footprint, but also evolved Western National’s product offerings, recruitment and onboarding approaches, corporate policies, and even the way clients are billed. Finding the Good and effectively branding the way a company is already doing business, is the key to building a Good Wins brand.

Branded search rose 56% since
campaign launch

Independent agents report 36% of prospects have mentioned the advertising